About Us

Shisas Trade Link which was renamed later as Shisas Trading Concern Pvt. Ltd was established nearly  15 years back  in  2005. It had  a  very  humble beginning and started with few staff and limited financial  resources.  It concentrated its business  in the sales of some medical  accessories  to the few hospitals of Kathmandu city.  Slowly  it started  gaining  its pace and within the span of few years,  it expanded its scale  and scope of business by selling  the  medical  products  of leading multinational companies to various hospitals  located all cross the country.Today, it has established  itself as  one  of the  largest distributor of medical  equipments and  products   in  the country and represents world  renowned companies and their products  in  its portfolio.

Company Structure

Shisas Trading Concern Pvt. Ltd is  a  Private  Limited  Company  registered  in  the  Company  Registrar office  of the country. The company is established under the sole proprietorship of Ms. Pushpa Shrestha as a Chairman. Company functions as per the Company  Act of the country.  Board of Directors  is  the governing  body which appoints CEO to run the operations of company. The managing director being Saras Prasad Shrestha who is overlooking the operations of the company.

Being a small  company,  the  organization  structure  is  somewhat flat  with  fewer  management  levels.  This structure empowers  the employees  and provides more autonomy to them and helps them to make their own decisions  rather than adhering to the chain of commands.  By encouraging autonomy  and self-direction,  flat structures attempt to tap into employees’ creative talents and to solve problems by collaboration. It offers more opportunities for employees to excel while promoting the larger business vision of the Shisas.

Company Structure Overview

The company has three  major business divisions  namely Sales  & Marketing,  Finance  & Administration  and Support Services.  Each division is staffed with adequate number of employees with S&M  having fifteen, F&A having eight and  SS  having ten employees. All the staffs are  hardcore  professionals on their fields  and  have immense understanding of the local market that they serve. The professionals are imparted  regular trainings on their products  which make them fully  conversant  with  the products and  help  them to address  all  the support services of the clients in an efficient and effective way.