Maquet Volista Surgical Light

See better, go further

A successful surgical outcome is highly dependent upon the surgeon’s ability to visualize and assess the wound.


Maquet Volista surgical light

Much more than just an OR light

Surgery can be a high-stress job with long hours. Poor lighting can slow surgical progress and cause eye strain that can lead to fatigue-related errors. Improve outcomes for patients and staff with high-quality surgical lighting.

Maquet Volista surgical light laminar air flow

Perform surgery with safety in mind

Improving surgical safety is a goal for healthcare facilities worldwide. Maquet Volista operating lights have been developed with this goal in mind.

Maquet Volista operating light

Fully adjustable to meet each surgeon’s needs

With Maquet Volista surgical light, it’s simple to adjust the light to the surgeon’s specifications. From positioning to intensity, all elements of the lighting experience can be easily modified.

Maquet Volista operating room light color temperature

Choose the best-suited color temperature*

Each surgeons visualization needs are different and each step of a procedure can require different color temperatures for improved tissue recognition, Maquet
Volista Surgical lights offer a possibility to adjust from 3900K to 4500K to 5100K.
Our white LEDs and patented three-level cold filter system in our Maquet Volista StandOP operating light adapts the color temperature without colored cast shadows, offering a stable color temperature whatever the chosen settings and whatever the aging of the product. The cold filters reduce the blue peaks that LEDs emit.

Maquet Volista surgical light LMD

Focus on your patient

The Luminance Management Device (LMD) available on Maquet Volista StandOP surgical light maintains optimum visual acuity and avoids difficulties in adapting to excessive variations in luminosity.

Whether at the beginning or end of a procedure or from light to dark tissues, the luminance will be automatically adjusted according to your registered setting. With LMD, there is no need to adjust the operating light anymore. The technology compensates to maximize useful light and also provides safety by adjusting automatically the illumination and maintaining safety levels of irradiance even when two lightheads are overlapping.

Maquet Volista operating light AIM

Delivering consistent and effective illumination

Automatic Illumination Management (AIM) available on Maquet Volista StandOP surgical light automatically compensates for obstructions to deliver additional light from unmasked LEDs. This unique and patented system minimizes shadows and offers consistent and effective illumination, without readjustment.