Getinge Operating Tables Accessories

A comprehensive range of surgical tables accessories for the best possible patient positioning.


Getinge creates products in close collaboration with doctors and hospitals. This helps to optimize workflows, facilitate the work of the OR team, and improve the success of treatments for patients. Getinge offers a comprehensive range of
accessories for the best possible patient positioning. There are a variety of suitable surgical tables accessories for different needs and types of surgery, be it infusion stands, or metalfree and radiolucent multi-purpose plates.

SFC and IPC pads

Optimizing patient comfort while reducing costly complications

Maquet Operating Tables ranges* are equipped with special paddings aiming at optimizing patient’s comfort during surgery and improving post-surgical recovery.

Choosing the right OR table pads can reduce the risk of costly complications and delays in recovery. Both SFC and IPC pads ensures leveled weight pressure distribution, aiming at providing safe and stable patient position.

* IPC is available for dedicated accessories only as well as for the 1160 table tops.