Shisas Trading Concern Pvt. Ltd is a Private Limited Company registered in the Company Registrar office of the country. The company is established under the sole proprietorship of Ms. Pushpa Shrestha as a Chairman. Company functions as per the Company Act of the country. Board of Directors is the governing body which appoints CEO to run the operations of company. The managing director being Saras Prasad Shrestha who is overlooking the operations of the company.

Being a small company, the organization structure is somewhat flat with fewer management levels. This structure empowers the employees and provides more autonomy to them and helps them to make their own decisions rather than adhering to the chain of commands. By encouraging autonomy and self-direction, flat structures attempt to tap into employees’ creative talents and to solve problems by collaboration. It offers more opportunities for employees to excel while promoting the larger business vision of the Shisas.